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too much

all of these nights ended in wicked hangovers. i need a break, i think.



jesse took me to eat at his favorite breakfast spot in big sur – deetjens. according to him they have the best eggs benedict ever. 

ps i heard that if you stay at the inn and check-in after dark, the staff greet you with lanterns to show you to your room. how quaint.

breakfast in bed

perfect days are far and few between for me, but sometimes i luck out.  like a few weeks back, i had the most epic saturday just lounging in bed… you know, when your bed sheets feel just right, when it’s warm from the sunlight streaming in but also cool from the breeze coming through the curtains. yeah, it was THAT kind of day. i had breakfast in bed, did some snuggling, worked on some crosswords and then luxuriously napped all afternoon. i didn’t do much, but what i did do was perfect.  i haven’t felt that well-rested in years.

tiburon 320 (600x450)

grey skies are gonna clear up

sunshine rules. here’s to sunny weekends outside of the city, bloody marys by the water, and breezy poolside cabanas. life can be really good.

sometimes i forget that it’s summer everywhere else but here.

mother’s day

i was in a feud with my mom so i didn’t go home to celebrate mother’s day.

instead, this is what i did:

first, breakfast with jesse. i really like our mornings.

off to the fair oaks st fair. bought this tiger. rrrroar.

then went hiking in the marin headlands


time flies…

when you’re having fun.

so last month jesse and i celebrated our one year anniversary at the gaige house in glen ellen. it’s a joie de vivre boutique,  so all the little details were absolutely perfect. first of all, we rented a queen room for two nights, but they upgraded us to a king room with a huge, beautifully appointed bathroom complete with deep soaking bathtub. they also provide kiehl’s unscented products ,which my hair and skin greatly appreciated.

our room was understated and elegant with a really comfortable bed that was hard to get out of. trust me, i tried many a time, but always ended up back under the sheets.

when we first got to the room, managment had left us chocolates and a sweet note congratulating us on our special occasion. it’s all in the details, i say. they also have fresh baked cookies pretty much all the time (snickerdoodle, oatmeal raisin, and chocolate chip) for the taking, along with free bottles of water.

we spent a most of our time just talking on our porchswing (did i mention that we had a huge porch??), napping, and brunching. The gaige house house has the BEST free continental brunch i have had anywhere. first of all, how many places do you know that offer so much fresh squeezed orange juice that you have to turn down a refill? they also have freshly baked scones and pastries, artisan breads for toasting, hardboiled eggs cut in half, lightly salted and peppered, salumi, brie, yogurts, and granola. everything is very simple and rustic, the way i like it.

we gave each other hickies for our anniversary. can i just tell you how awesome it was being at work all day and trying to cover this shit up like a retarded 14 year old?

we didn’t really go out to eat on this trip, but we did picnic a lot. bought some bread, salami, proscuitto, bread and butter pickles, some cheese, and a bottle of prosecco. had ourselves a proper picnic while attempting friday’s  new york times crossword. i don’t think we got very far…

wandered upon la dee’s diner after hitting some golf balls and opted to split  a massive chili cheese dog. the owner of the diner saw us reading the menu outside and wrangled us inside. this quaint 50’s style joint was sadly empty, which was a shame because our chili dog was killer.

and as promised – drunken bathtub pic. what can i say? i’m a girl that likes to drink and bathe at the same time.

so cal

i had to fly down to la on saturday to visit some fam. luckily, i scored a ride to the airport and had time for a little brunch before my flight. i went to brown sugar kitchen in oakland and indulged in some chicken and waffles, soul-food style. what can i say…the chicken was delicious and well-battered, the cornmeal waffle was meh (kinda felt flimsy in the mouth), and the apple-cider syrup ruled. unfortunately, the dish was $14 bones and not anywhere near as good as roscoe’s (carol c. special smothered, natch – $8.50).  but overall, i would totally go back since i’m a sucker for brunch.

wait, i should put a disclaimer here – there’s some not safe for work and kids kinda stuff below. you’ll see…



and when i found out my flight was delayed, we drove around oakland for 2 hours killing time.

hello, chubby freeze.

almost four hours later, i made it safely to burbank airport. when i got home, here’s what was waiting for me. thanks, mom. your korean food is beyond awesome.

after dinner, i trekked out to weho for some big art show that was pretty cool but seriously way too crowded and not worth the 15 minutes it took to find parking. i had really wanted to see no age, but totes missed them perform since i showed up fashionably late at 10:30. anyhow, here are my fav pieces from t hat nite:

afterwards, i stopped by house of pies in los feliz before hitting up some bars. wow, i’ve never had a piece of pie that tasted so shitty. really, a place called “house of pies” should be a fantasy land of delicious and decadent pies. but no, worst pie ever.