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spring dinner pics

mariah has a more comprehensive account of this night than i do. why reinvent the wheel? go look at her lovely site for a run-down of the details.  more pics on my flickr too, if you’re interested.

overall, what an epic night.  there were some disputes, there was some making up, there was a lot of drunkenness. hmm…do you ever feel like it’s groundhog day on this li’l blog?

flora grub

guess who got invited to the bold italic/ryan farr sit-down dinner at flora grub gardens? c’est moi. [thanks, mariah]

hello, dinosaur ribs.

so these people were sitting across from us and couldn’t stop making out – with tongue. and her boobs were hanging out. and they were fake – obviously.

oh, and mark happened to be there with his sexy short shorts on.  always with the short shorts, mark.

afterwards, mariah and i were wasted and thought it would totally be a good idea to explore an abandoned warehouse in hunters point by ourselves. i’m a bit cloudy on this part of the night…

but all’s well that ends well, right? after all, we’re both still alive and have our innocence in tact.

turkey bits and room service

early thanksgiving happened again this year at the folsom house, which was a small miracle given that mariah and dave had just flown in from the bahamas the night before. i don’t know how it all came together with only half a day of prep time, but it did and fabulously at that- the turkey was moist, there were drinks, drinks, and more drinks, and the amount of food offered was obscene (and delicious!). it would seem that excess was the theme of the night. i believe the night ended with a deadly dinner roll fight that took out a lung and some glassware.

on thankgiving proper, i decided a hotel stay was in order. my original plan was to stay at the mark hopkins, but the top of the mark was closed. no bar, no deal. so i ended up at the palace hotel. the night went like this: dim sum roomservice, robe time, lounging in bed, sauna, boston market in-room dinner, a dip in the pool, a few drinks at the bar, late night-night drunken room service, breakfast room service, then check-out.

wild animals

 i was lucky enough to go to this last week. doesn’t the menu sound amazing? pictures to come…

motm – peking duck

meat of the month club met again, this time for peking duck. originally we had planned to bike all the way out to bfe 30th and noreiga to cheung hing but opted last minute for red jade in the castro since it was raining and gross outside. red jade recently got good reviews on check please! bay area and is now busy as fuck these days. i wonder how long that will last?

we ordered the green onion pancake, wor wonton soup, salt and pepper beef, and of course, the peking duck. overall the food was pretty good, but it definitely didn’t feel very authentic to me. since there were 5 of us, we had two orders of duck, figuring that would be plenty- it really didn’t amount to very much on a plate. also the skin could definitely have been crispier. i think the general consensus amongst us all was that we would try to find another place for peking duck in the near future. perhaps when it’s sunnier we’ll try out cheung hing.  actually, i’m really, really hoping we’ll go there soon because you can also buy a whole roasted pig from them. i’m thinking a summer evening bbq on the roof…

these disposable toothbrushes from colgate are rad. since the highlight of my days is brushing my teeth, this little after dinner treat totally ruled!!