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passing time



B.D. Wong- SVU

suck it, 2011.

escaping the cold


no trespass:

double rainbow, what does it mean???


pumpkin patch. hay bale maze.

pre-gaming at sarah’s:

oh and some photos i didn’t take, but were of the party afterwards. mc hammer rules.


i almost passed out, you’re such a dork

hi. here’s some stuff that happened this past week:

drinks at dalva/hideout. this was the beginning of a very hazy night for me. it ended with a greasy slice of pizza which i promptly dropped on the floor, some creepy dude, and a leg injury.

iris’ birthday:

oakland on a warm night.

engine works after partay.

unpiano book release. congrats, jesse! so proud of you. buy this book, peoples. it’s amazing. and now available for purchase on

dude, my hair is getting long.

meat club bbq.

long time no see

photos by:

this dick.

cesar chavez day, part tres

jesse and i opted to celebrate our 3rd anniversary (which falls near cesar chavez day, sort of…) in a restored bambi airstream trailer. i was super stoked on the idea of an airstream, but in the end, the whole experience was kind of a letdown. don’t get me wrong – the airstream was way awesome (the efficiency of space alone would amaze you…) but it didn’t fit the bill for an anniversary getaway. showering in a cramped stall hovering over our toilet just didn’t scream romance. i think we’re aiming for a do-over sometime in the near future.

introducing…the happy couple.

now again, asian sticker picture style.

we were both feeling pretty under-the-weather, so our time was spent being mellow. a lot of reading, playing cards, and brain-age puzzles. gotta keep that mind sharp!

we also hit up some antique stores and found this really cool ww2 museum in the basement of one of them.

three years -came and went. just like that.