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cesar chavez day, part tres

jesse and i opted to celebrate our 3rd anniversary (which falls near cesar chavez day, sort of…) in a restored bambi airstream trailer. i was super stoked on the idea of an airstream, but in the end, the whole experience was kind of a letdown. don’t get me wrong – the airstream was way awesome (the efficiency of space alone would amaze you…) but it didn’t fit the bill for an anniversary getaway. showering in a cramped stall hovering over our toilet just didn’t scream romance. i think we’re aiming for a do-over sometime in the near future.

introducing…the happy couple.

now again, asian sticker picture style.

we were both feeling pretty under-the-weather, so our time was spent being mellow. a lot of reading, playing cards, and brain-age puzzles. gotta keep that mind sharp!

we also hit up some antique stores and found this really cool ww2 museum in the basement of one of them.

three years -came and went. just like that.

puttin’ on the ritz

not too long ago we hosted a small get together at the ritz carlton to celebrate…well nothing, really.  i think it was just an elaborate excuse to dress up,  drink cocktails, and play jenga.


to everything there is a season




smell ya later, 2010.

doin’ stuff

mill valley

ummm….this post is long overdue since i think we went to mill vallley months and months ago. if i remember correctly, i was having some sort of breakdown and freaking out inner-monologue style and just needed to get away from sf. i thought mill valley would be sunny and warm, and a really quiet place to get away. plus, i figured out that you can get there without a car. if you’ve got a free day coming up, i really recommend taking the ferry over to sausalito and biking over to mill valley. there’s this awesome paved trail that takes you past these quaint houseboats and through some crazy-unexpected marshes. really easy, and a great bike ride. while in mill valley proper, hit up the local market – BEST liquor selection i’ve seen in a long time. and make sure to get an indian burrito up the street.

if you choose to stay at the mill valley inn, well, that’s on you. i can’t say it’s great for the price, but they have a free wine and cheese hour and a decent continental breakfast. and the rooms come with fireplaces, balconies, and deep-soaking tubs. also, the inn is near the base of mt tam (i think) so there’s plenty of hiking and exploring to do.

so, i didn’t take most of these pics, but that’s okay because they will go up on hotel party sooner or later…just posting them here right now to show you that i’m alive….well, sort of. just got over a bad case of strep and then stupidly re-infected myself. so i’m fighting strep again. as you can imagine, i’m bummed. don’t come near me, i’ll get you sick.


being in portland was really awful, which is something i’m sad to say since i love, love, LOVED it there the last time i went. nothing went right and the one night we spent there ended up costing a fortune due to poor planning. we were in foul moods the entire time and we just couldn’t salvage the trip, no matter how hard we tried. there was just this force against us, and everything went wrong that could. thanks a lot, murphy, you fucking dick.

the one bright spot? i did end up staying in a very fancy hotel. unfortunately, it took me 3 hours of searching the interwebs and calling every hotel, motel, and bed & breakfast in the city to find the ONE available room in all of portland.

this is the library in the hotel where you can take your drinks and chill out. pretty awesome, huh? one day i hope to have a room exactly like this in my house….a girl can dream.