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passing time




winter in boston. so cold.

but luckily i had warm food and strong drinks to take the chill off.

oregon pt 1

pardon me while i rant:

sometimes nostalgia for times past can be a BAD thing. remember when riding the rails was a genteel and romantic way to travel? okay, i don’t remember either, but i have certainly witnessed it in old movies and read about in books. so…in case you didn’t already realize, riding amtrak to re-live those forgotten times is a big fat fail. in theory, riding the train is rad. the view is certainly awesome, you’ve got a good amount of space to spread out, and you can drink and play cards. however, factor in 3+ hour delays, an 18 hour trip to salem (or), the unfriendliest employees you have ever experienced, and a ticket price just as expensive as airfare,  then you can understand why amtrak was a really shitty way to get to oregon. don’t get me wrong, i’m not trying to shit on amtrak – i ‘d totally recommend it for shorter trips (like 5 hours and under), but longer trips get tedious since they don’t let you off for more than a few minutes. lame.

okay, that’s all on that subject, i swear. 

now. oregon itself? it was both awesome and terrible. the coast was relaxing, but portland was…stressful. i’ll go more into detail on my next post, but let’s just say i think we got punished for trying to push our luck.

(WTF???!!! this restaurant was originally called ‘lil black sambos. double WTF!!!)

mr. pollo

if i told you that i had an amazing 4-course chef’s tasting menu made with fresh, locally sourced seasonal ingrediants for $15 would you call bullshit?

i swear, it happened. and it happened at a place called “mr. pollo” of all places. once a mission dive right off 24th that served up greasy colombian eats, it’s now a divey colombian joint with a really cute CHEF serving up thoughtful and modern takes on colombian/venezuelan cuisine. you walk into what looks like a tiiiiiny burrito joint and you’ve got a chef who has worked at some awesome SF and NYC restaurants making you whatever he thinks you might like from whatever ingredients he picked up at the farmer’s market that day. what the fuck? and for $15?? oh, and you can bring your own booze without a corkage fee. I don’t know how long that’s gonna last, but get in on it before this shit blows up.

We started with a moist and buttery arepa filled with farmers cheese, topped with pickled fern fronds, which was followed by a perfectly crisp beef empanada served with a tangy-sweet red cabbage salad. Next came a carpaccio of venison in passion fruit puree topped with more of those awesome fern fronds. For our main course we had pan-fried rainbow trout on top of yucca with asparagus and carrots. so fucking perfect…the only thing i could complain about was that another table received small bowls of goat stew along with goat arepas. sigh. next time.

so, yeah, anyways…i’m a huge fan of this joint. good tip, justine! and thanks for lending me your camera, sarah!

employee of the year

another night, another hotel. this time around at the hotel des arts near union square. jesse was employee of the year or something so he was gifted a one night stay there, in a painted room designed by jeremy fish.

since i’m a touch short on time, here’s the cliffs notes version of my night: dinner, drinks, rooftops, blah, blah, blah.


jesse took me to eat at his favorite breakfast spot in big sur – deetjens. according to him they have the best eggs benedict ever. 

ps i heard that if you stay at the inn and check-in after dark, the staff greet you with lanterns to show you to your room. how quaint.


if you haven’t been – go. boulevard is so worth the chunk of change you’ll drop. jesse and i went there randomly on a date-night sort of thing and decided to splurge on a nice thursday dinner. the pyramid ravioli we ordered as a starter were filled with fonduta, so when you broke into them they just oozed this delicious melted goodness all over your plate. for entrees we each ordered the filet, which came cooked to perfection with sauteed broccoli rabe, grilled maitake mushrooms, and a baked potato with caramelized onions, sour cream and black truffle. god bless their gratuitous use of truffles. and god bless ’em again for using ivory handled laguiole steak knives.

we opted not to have dessert and instead ordered more [perfectly mixed] drinks. pleasntly full and drunk, we moved onward to bourbon and branch where jesse’s friend hooked us up with a table, a tour, and a lot of crazy-expensive free whisky drinks.

afterwards we hit up the mayyors show at the eagle. I hadn’t really listed to anything by them and probably wouldn’t be into their music just puttering around the house, but their live show ruled and i would totally go see them again. they’re fucking loud and i don’t know if i heard anything other than noise and the drums, but that’s all i needed.

anyhow, that was a great night i had.