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oh so lazy

dudes, i moved to instagram. find me there. blogging regularly is totes too difficult for these crazy times. but i’ll update this here and there…

i’m under happybirthdayjamesfranco.

also, i’m moving to boston in sept.


ho, ho, ho?



what uuuup!  the new release from unpiano books is out and the book release party is this friday at sf camerwork. check it:

ARTHUR POLLOCK from Unpiano on Vimeo.

dogs and cards

i miss my dog rupert. okay, he wasn’t my dog, but i still miss him. he was the cutest. i mean, look at him – he looks like a plush toy. he was all farts and lipstick heads, but he was the BEST DOG EVER!!

correction, both rupert and angelo were the best dogs ever. jesse made the angelo montage below to honor his memory. i need to get this printed so we can put it up on our fridge.

okay, enough dogs. i promise. we’re not fostering again for a while so that our hearts can heal. little dude dogs are heartbreaking.

changing topics now…so  i made this card a while back. my first attempt at a pop-up card. not bad!

the secret message inside says: this card took fucking forever to make. okay not really. but honestly, it did take up a good chunk of time. next time i’ll buy a card.

Sir Rupert

angelo alfredo spartacus lee

we are fostering him from wonderdog rescue. little angelo is the BEST. he was hit by a car and suffered some neurological damage – but don’t be sad for him! basically i think the accident made him forgot how to bark. AWESOME! jesse and i were wary of fostering a chihuahua since they tend to be yappy and annoying as fuck. but angelo won our hearts because all he likes to do is burrow and sleep – just like us!! he’s kind of a pile. LOVE HIM! i think he just got adopted so now my heart is broken, but at least he’ll have a forever home.


blue valentine

i loved it. soooooo much. it made me simultaneously very sad and very happy.

 and this cover of  ‘you always hurt the one you love’ is so awesome.