i broke up with a friend the other day and i’m really sad about it. i just didn’t want to compromise what i needed out of our friendship anymore even if it meant losing someone who made me really happy (and simultaneously very, very confused). now i’m listening to bummer jamz and generally feeling like a sad sack. currently questioning the universe on why i met someone who was so awesome only to have things end. lame. so.fucking. lame.


i am in a fucking shit mood. i hate dudes i think.


oh shit, yo. i’m baaack! it’s been a while, but i feel sort of in the mood to blog again. to be continued…soon!

ps. go to sf camerawork on friday – jesse’s book is out and it’s amazing. xoxo


whoa, it’s august already. guess i REALLY haven’t been in the mood to blog. sorry, i’ve been pre-occupied. jesse and i are looking to move in together and the apt search is taking up a lot of my time and patience. we’re looking in the mission, noe valley, and glen park – do you know how hard it is to find a decent place in those areas these days? you practically have to beat back all the other eager beaver couples that are just like you with your application packet when you’re at an open house. seriously, it is so discouraging trying to find an apt in san francisco. we had our heart set on this cute 1brm for $1850 on fair oaks and just got word that the price has now gone up to $2100 due to the demand. wtf.  people, if you know of any awesome apts in the aforementioned hoods, please let me know. i am contemplating leaving this damn city if i don’t find housing soon!!


i haven’t really felt like blogging although a ton of shit is going on my life. maybe i’ll become more motivated in the near future…we’ll see.

i think i’m only posting this b/c i wanted to put something into the universe. two people have told me recently that they have seen a fatter version of me on some commerical that’s floating around and neither of them can remember what the commercial is about but swear i look like the girl…hmmm. so if anyone has seen this commercial, let me know. i can only imagine…

it’s like when someone says ” i know someone who looks just like you” and when you see this person they’re like hella ugly and then you become insecure b/c  by default you are  then hella ugly.

okay, gotta motor.


madonna inn safari room – so epic.


i found out some interesting things about goats. thought i’d pass on what i read in case you ever wondered yourself…

  • To keep milking goats lactating they need to be bred annually. So, that means you are also a goat breeder and need to deal with stud services, birthing and (goat) kids.
  • Male goats stink and it is illegal to own them in Berkeley. If your goat gives birth to a male kid you will need to have a plan how to deal with him. Selling, giving away or eating are your basic options.
  • Goats don’t like to be alone so you need to have at least two females, ideally three. (Berkeley law allows only two female goats per household. Oakland law was only specific about goats not being raised on properties occupied by apartments, hotels or in a business district. San Francisco law was only specific about goats not being used for animal sacrifice but did cite a limitation of four small animals total.)
  • Dogs and goats are natural enemies (however, goats and chickens are compatible)
  • “Goats are not lawnmowers. Many a person has been disappointed when they brought their goats home and expected them to trim the grass, and instead the goats denuded the shrubs and trees first….But the main feed for your goat should always be hay.”
  • Be prepared to spend $500-600 for a good quality milking doe.


feels like summer out.


mark’s making dinner. i’m eating at 6, what about you?


zip lining rules. unfortunately, it doesn’t rule enough to justify a 3 hour wait in line. but if you’ve got the time to get up at buttcrack and sit your ass in line at justin herman plaza, then you too can ride a zip line for free until april 18th.

this picture is so dorky!


how awesome is this photo? effortless cool. hard to think that this is someone’s grandmother now.


i’ve been out of commission for the last week due to a HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE spider bite.  I apparently had an allergic reaction to the venom, or was bitten by a brown recluse. the latter is my educated guess, which is really not so educated…anyhow, look at this shit!! i was so freaked out by it that i went to urgent care two days in a row only to be told to come back if it got worse.  what the fuck? it already looks pretty damn bad.

oh wait – no, it can look worse. the “bullae” finally deflated after a week, leaving my skin in an inflamed, wrinkled mass. this just happened last night.  i think it was better when it was just a cute bubble. cute in comparison, i mean.  i’m crossing my fingers that i won’t get some raging staph infection. let’s hope this shit dries out soon.  ugh, so gross. and i apologize for my insane leg hair. i wasn’t shaving in this area for a while.


i got my sign.  things are better now, i think.


sorry i haven’t posted as of late – been dealing with a lot of bullshit and doing some soul searching. yikes, that sounds so heavy. kinda going through a rough patch, i guess. normally i can chalk this stuff up to being depressed, but really, i’m feeling just fine. i think i’ve just come to realize that as i grow older there are certain things that i’m choosing not to put up with anymore. normally this is a good thing. what do you do, though, when what you can’t put up with is stuff that’s happening in your relationship? easy – you break up, right? well what do you do when you’re mostly happy with everything and totally in love,  and it’s just a few little (but big) things that are eating at you? breaking up seems unwarranted, but if things aren’t gonna change, is that the next step? and how is something that bothers you now not going to bother you even moreso later when it comes up again? ugh, emotions are so damn burdensome. anyhow, this is all bullshit that doesn’t pertain to anything important for anyone else.  i just needed to put this out into the universe so i could get an answer. the universe always has a way of revealing what my future will be…so i’ll wait for a sign. wish me luck.

on a happy note, it’s warm and sunny in SF! and this saturday i’ll be co-hosting a fabulous and fancy four-course dinner party.  should be pretty damn amazing. i’ll be sure to post some pics.


after the underground market, i’ll be heading to this on sat night. should be fun, fun, fun


how are you so cute??!!!


whoa, mackenzie phillips, take it easy…


a long time ago, i used to have a myspace account and a friendster account, but i canceled those because too many people i didn’t know or want to know were finding me. and don’t even get me started on facebook. i’m not even gonna go there. i just want to remain semi-anonymous.

so i know i have a blog, yelp, and flickr account…but i’m really trying to keep my online presence to a minimum. sounds ridiculous, since i’m sharing totally personal information about myself, but i’ve justified having these accounts because it’s virtually impossible to find me on the interwebz just by searching my name and the city i live in. trust me, i’ve tried. i don’t care if someone i don’t know is reading about me, but i do care if someone i don’t want reading this blog is somehow able to find me (e.g. family, work people). no problems up to this point.

so somewhere along the line i signed up for a twitter account and promptly forgot about it. i fucking hate twitter, but i signed up just to track down those fucking food carts that are all over the place. i never “tweeted” and i never went back to check on those roaming food vendors. but yesterday i got an email saying that my cousin was now following my tweets. what.the.fuck? i don’t know why this bothers me, but it does, and it makes me livid. I don’t know how the hell he was able to track me down, but he did. and it was through motherfucking twitter. i promptly closed the account. i really don’t want any members of my family (other than my brother) knowing anything about my personal life. sucks to say, but it’s the truth. hopefully my cousin doesn’t find this blog ’cause that would suck and then i would have to close it down.


i went to rainbow last thursday to look for liver cleansing remedies since i felt convinced that my health problems were associated with my unhealthy liver. i thought it would be a difficult to find the shit i was looking for but rainbow has three shelves dedicated to liver cleansing…so piece of cake. i ended up with some chinese herbal pills and a super nastay-tasting milk thistle tincture. this may totally be a placebo effect, but i feel less tired than i used to and seem to be sleeping more soundly – and it’s only been 5 days! hopefully this regimen is doing me some good. i mean, i already feel kind of better, so i guess it can’t be hurting, right? we’ll see how i fare in the long run.

ps, it’s national hot toddy day today!


the psychic ruled. seriously ruled. she confirmed that 1) the moms had an affair (i kneeeeew this) and 2) i like to party too much for my own good. apparently i have the wiring of an addict, so i’ve got to be careful not to take it too far. her advice for me was to get a liver cleanse and to find other exciting, stupid activities to substitute drinking and such. my behavior is not gonna be cute for too much longer and it may be the undoing of important relationships in my life if i don’t change. moderation is the key. she said i shouldn’t try to throw down with others who are going harder and stronger than me. totally valid. yikes. you may be thinking this is all obvious stuff, but when someone who has never met you flips some cards over and can see into your behaviors, it’s super unsettling and kind of a reality check.

let’s see…what else can i remember? oh, i’m a double libra with some scorpio in me, which means i love being in relationships of some kind or another. i’m pretty sure this means that i hate being alone. i’ve also got the tendency to freak the fuck out in my mind and take my thoughts to crazy places, so she said when i start getting kind of insane that i should touch my abdomen and go inside my body. sounds weird, but i’ll try it! she also had some telling things to say about certain people in my life, which kind of confirmed the things i had been thinking all along.

there was other stuff that was spot on as well and lots of really insightful advice that i’ll take to heart. so my take- it’s astrology, it’s counseling, it’s awesome. drop the dough and go! and if you do end up going and feeling like you want to hang out with her afterwards, you’re not alone. i totally wanted to be friends with her, too!


i’m going to a psychic tomorrow. I’ll let you know soon what the stars have in store for me.


adam sent me a smiling sweet potato face today. pretty rad.


oh you guys….

i’m staying at the hotel of all hotels next month. I’ve got a spa suite at the bardessono in yountville.

here’s the room description:

**Available with 1 king or 2 queen beds, the Spa-Suite provides all the elements of comfort derived from an essential design. Each 550 square foot room offers open living space and generous amounts of natural light with a luxurious bathroom, gas fireplace and private furnished courtyard. The custom bathroom, designed to double as a private spa, features a concealed massage table, a soaking tub, separate shower, and double vanity. Personalized spa treatments should be enjoyed in the special seclusion of each room.**

we also get bikes to ride around town and bouchon bakery is right across the way. i think i’ve died and gone to yuppie heaven.


we just got our christmas tree yesterday! he’s a small little guy compared to our big tree last year, but he’s got spirit. i’m stoked.


jesse just published a book. yay for him! the opening party is this thursday (12/3) at evergold gallery. 6-9pm. there will also be cupcakes and champagne.


i’m spending thanksgiving holed up at the palace hotel eating boston market with jesse. gobble gobble.

also, if you live in the mission, cafe grattitude is giving out FREE thanksgiving day vegan meals from 11-3, while supplies last. i’ll see you at 11 for some early bird pickings.


just got this text:

party at namu tonite. free food startin’ at 9:30


new camera coming soon!! it’s in the mail and on its way into my greedy hands. i can finally start blogging again!


the OPENfuture event at the moma was sold out, and i think a great time was had by all. if you didn’t hear about it, here’s the press release:

Feeding on Futurism’s appetite for destruction, OPENrestaurant revisits F. T. Marinetti’s provocative Futurist Cookbook from 1932 — which combined polemics with actual recipes designed to transform society — and realigns the movement’s arguably fascist palate with a more sustainable approach to life. Look for cyclists delivering a locally sourced “wild beast” and a women-only kitchen carving edible sculptures against a backdrop of stadium seating, emergency sirens, and spinning walls. Guests attending this clamorous banquet can expect to exalt in sounds, smells, and constant motion, and delight in, among other things, beef ice-cream cones, avocado cocktails, and flying panforte.

the “wild beast” referenced was an 800lb steer (1000 lbs intact) that had been spit roasted out near alemany and brought in by bike messengers. the meat was cut up and then immediately recycled into the evening’s main offerings – ground up beef with some sort of eggplant puree inside of deep fried corn tortilla cones (passed on really cool resin trays), and slices of beef on tartine bread with mole and bean foam. none of the steer went to waste and even the heart and lungs were used by St. George Spirits to make grappa for the evening (smoky and delicious…so easy to drink!). We also used St George’s basil flavored brandy to spike the gazpacho shots, and i believe their Hangar One bourbon, made specially for the event, went into the avocado cocktails (with candied citrus peel). Other edibles passed were amazing porcini toasts (with the porcini mushrooms having been foraged right from the presidio!) and early girl tomatoes with halibut tartar (a clever play on genetically modified tomatoes that contained fish genes). there was so much food and drink to go around, it was nuts. the next time OPENrestaurant does an event, make sure to shell out the dough and go. you’ll be in for quite a show, and you won’t leave hungry (or sober).

btw, i didn’t take the pics below (scavenged them from the interwebz) – i was working. duh. however, i did spot myself in the top picture. you can see me – i’m in turquoise at the bottom!


sorry i’ve been away. this month has been crazy busy with birthday shit and travel planning. i’m also working this event at the moma on saturday which should be pretty crazy. tickets are $65, which is kind of steep, but look at the menu. amazing.

  • Beeting Heart: Beet and Goat Cheese Terrine–served from Meat Grinding Station by 2 servers when doors open
  • Foraged Porcini Toasts–passed when doors open
  • Urban Vegetable Fritatta–passed when doors open
  • Gazpacho–served in shot glasses from bars when doors open
  • Spit-roasted Steer
  • Corn-Fed Beef Cones (GMO corn)–served from meat grinding station and passed throughout rooms on resin corn trays and in hotel pans of feed corn
  • True Cost Beef on Tartine bread trenchers–served from 2 stations in Schwab room
  • Mole (crude oil)
  • Bean Foam (methane)
  • Arugula (grass)
  • City Limits Vegetarian Stew made with Urban Farmed Produce–served from a station in Schwab room once butchery commences
  • Flavr-Savr Tomato with Local Halibut Tartare–passed on trays once butchery commences
  • Parachuting Panforte–thrown from 3rd floor at 10.30pm


i can’t begin to tell you how excited i am about my upcoming vacation in november. here’s a sneak peak at where i’m headed. apparently you can walk the pristine beaches for miles and not see another soul. just imagine laying out on that deck at sunset with a rum punch and someone you love. could it get any better?


do you remember john bellairs? he wrote some amazing kid’s stories from the 60s through the early 90s. perhaps you recognize some of the titles: the house with a clock in its walls, figure in the shadows, curse of the blue figurine. creepy, huh? well imagine being a 9 year old kid reading these stories late at night (relatively speaking for a 9 year old..), scared shitless. of course, they’re a lot less scary now as an adult, but they’re still suspenseful and thrilling reads. try one, i bet it’ll be a refreshing change. and as an added bonus, the older books have rad illustrators involved with the cover art. do you recognize the legend below?



this is probably fake, but hilarious nonetheless.


some of you may already know this about me, others may not. i am an avid flosser. and i don’t give a fuck where i floss. some people may find this gross, but you know…healthy gums are more important than social graces. if you are ever in need of dental floss and i am near you, ask me for some.

to receive maximum benefits from flossing, use the following proper technique:

  • Starting with about 18 inches of floss, wind most of the floss around each middle finger, leaving an inch or two of floss to work with
  • Holding the floss tautly between your thumbs and index fingers, slide it gently up-and-down between your teeth
  • Gently curve the floss around the base of each tooth, making sure you go beneath the gumline. Never snap or force the floss, as this may cut or bruise delicate gum tissue
  • Use clean sections of floss as you move from tooth to tooth
  • To remove the floss, use the same back-and-forth motion to bring the floss up and away from the teeth

let’s floss more often, kids!


man, i wish my camera wasn’t broken. yesterday’s party would have made the perfect blog post! i was randomly invited to the birthday party of one of the owners of namu and lured in by the rumors of an epic pig roast feast. i arrived just as they were butchering the 67 lb spit roasted pig. unfortunately, i could only take shitty cell phone shots. but seriously, look at the mounds of pork! it was so unbelievably delicious, all of it.


i am hating life right now. i’m at work, totally hungover and in pain. the worst of it is that i actually arrived at work still drunk. uh-oh! see this is what happens when your roommates wake you up at 1:30 am with a party in the living room. rather than be pissy about it, i decided i was up anyway and joined in the drinking festivities. bad idea. the next time i get woken up on a weeknight by a house party, i’m gonna do the smart thing and secretly call the cops on my roommates. ha, just kidding.


forget all the street carts that are getting so much attention lately – these new food ventures are on the hush hush for the most part and will probably blow your mind. i’ve taken the liberty of compiling a few you might enjoy:

everyday at noon (except thursdays..) get your [mission] burger fix inside duc loi (18th and mission) – brought to you by the folks at mission street food

occasional mondays: secret restaurant inside of sebo brought to you by a former chef from the 5th floor. reservations needed: monday_night@me.com

wednesdays: fancy schmancy beans at gravel and gold made by local chefs who are free to do this kind of thing during lunch hours

occasional fridays and saturdays: brassica supperclub, $35 four course vegan meal at various secret locales cooked up by people from millenium, usual suspects cafe, and cafe grattitude. don’t let this discourage you! reservations required: reservations@brassicasupperclub

sundays: vietnamese brunch inside doc’s clock from noon to four

sundays: saison restaurant inside of stable cafe. pricey, gourmet fare. they only have 2 seatings because the meals take like 3 hours each. reservations are required: reservations@saisonsf.com

let’s keep it on the down-low.


finally got around to publishing a few photobooks of our roadtrip to boston. i’m a bit disappointed with blurb, the online self-publisher we went though, because 1)the site has limited design options and 2) the finished product is kind of lacking in quality. some of these photos were taken with a 10mp digital so there’s no reason that they should look grainy and pixellated at a print size of 8×11 when the originals are clear and sharp. hmmm. we also printed a black and white volume as well and i thought the print quality was even worse on that one. the people at blurb were really nice, though, and recognized that the printing was kind of shitty. they sent us a free copy of a slightly better version to make amends. but despite my bitching, it’s still fucking neat to have your photos bound in a book -so what the hell am i complaining about?


hey, it’s saturday tomorrow! and you know what that means…another hotel. damn, life is hard. this time we’re going to tiburon to veg out by the pool.

and speaking of hotels, our new hotel blog goes live tomorrow. more info to come.


i’m bummed good evening thursdays is officially done with, but i guess all good things need to come to an end, right?


i went to the sf slideshow potluck not too long ago and saw some AMAZING photos of the sea shepherd conservation society during their whaling campaign in the antarctic. easily the best photojournalism of the evening. i then went home and promptly forgot all about it.

well, the other night my roommate brought home whale wars, which is the animal planet show that documents the sea shepherds in their fight against japanese whalers. we watched all of the first season in two days. such an amazing story, but i think it’s better told through photos than reality tv. the show is great and all, but i just kept thinking the whole time what assholes some/most of the shepherds are. their behavior and the shit that they say really make you dislike them as a whole. watch the show, you’ll know what i mean. but don’t get me wrong, i’m thoroughly hooked! and i’ll be eagerly waiting for the second season to come out on dvd.


i think i’m going to take some time and actively make this blog look better. i’ve taken a really casual approach and just put up whatever since it’s not meant to be so serious, but maybe i’ll actually work on my lighting and not use such shit photos half of the time. we’ll see…i’m pretty fucking lazy and snapping away with a digital is so much easier than waiting for film to develop. i’m torn…but most likely leaning towards a redesign.


i made it to the opening of the new harry potter movie wednesday. overall, i think i might be disappointed. without geeking out too much, there were some big discrepancies…and things that were important in the book were kind of glazed over in the movie. i dunno. and then there was an entire scene where i swore i was watching lord of the rings. weird. maybe i need to watch it again to give a fair assessment.


my cousin got married this past weekend and had a photobooth at her wedding. best idea ever. well, that and the open bar.


i’m not gonna pretend that i’m not really a 15 year old dork deep down inside. and i’m not ashamed to admit that i’m going to the opening of the new harry potter movie tomorrow (and super excited about it, too!). but i will say with pride that i’m not nerdy enough to dress up like i’m a character from the movie. i draw the line at that. only retards do that. and we all know just how not retarded i am.


you know that awesome old school steakhouse at bruno’s on thursday nights that i sometimes work at? well, get yourself there soon because it’s gonna close at the end of july.
To all those who were able to participate in Good Evening Thursday, Thank You.
We will be running through to the end of July,
the 9th, 16th,
23rd and a last night party on the 30th.
Now is the time to come join us before we conclude our summer run.

It has been an incredible success thanks to
all you beautiful people who have eaten and drank with us,
and all our friends who raise good beef, brew beer and grow veggies.

There are bigger and better fish to fry so we move on.






since tomorrow is a work holiday, i’ll be celebrating with a stay at the hotel kabuki. we’re on the private club level, so i’m excited to see what that really means. anyhow, happy 4th..yay independence!

canoe 080


holy shit, have you seen the epileptic dog episode of flight of the conchords? i haven’t laughed that hard at anything on tv in a long time. here’s just a sample of the genious that is this episode:

ps. if you didn’t figure it out, they gave all the epileptic dogs in the audience seizures with their remix.


i wish i took more photos of food these days. but since my eating extravaganzas usually take place at dinner, i just can’t, in good conscience, post any more shitty pictures in dimly lit restaurants. i’d rather not post anything than those orange-toned grainy flicks. so until i become inspired or start eating out at lunch more often, i’ve decided to devote some time to other projects. what projects, you ask? well, i’m sort of collaborating on a new hotel blog (hence the lack of pictures being posted here lately…) which will hopefully be unveiled by mid-july, just finished making two photobooks from my crosscountry trip with jesse (getting the copies in this week, i think!), and am trying to get involved in a new, once-a-week restaurant at bruno’s. we’ll see if any of this stuff pans out, but it’s what i’m excited about these days. so blah, blah, blah, these are my excuses for not really posting pics of the shit i eat these days and, in general, for being a lazy blogger.


remember how awesome this movie was? i think it was one of my favorites as a kid because i totally wanted spy shit like that to happen to me. i was big into espionage as a child. anyhow, last night i got pleasantly sloshed on wine and watched it again. still hilarious. come on, how is this not funny?

Archer Lincoln: Miss Doolittle, do you know what a pawn is?
Terry Doolittle: [sarcastically] A type of shrimp.
Archer Lincoln: No. That is a prawn.


mini vacay next week, thank god. this is the email i rec’d. whaaat?? sounds amazing, i’m so there.

“…all sleeping accommodations (a nice little casita with clawfoot tub for you), food, etc is on the house. He said its between 85 and 90 degrees out there, the pool’s filled and if we want to we can take a day trip out to Lake Mead and take the pontoon boat out for water skiing, lounging, etc. Or we can take the suburban into the hills a few hours away and fuck around in abandoned mines and maybe make it to the bar in the desert, which is literally a bar in the middle of the desert. There are also atv’s, motorcycles, horses, blah, blah, blah if you fancy that sort of thing. I’m envisioning driving through the night on Wed, getting in super late/early Thurs and hiking around/kicking it poolside/napping/shooting guns/whatever around the ranch. Friday and Sat outing to mines or the lake or both and then Sunday underway early for the long drive home, along the way stopping wherever”


never neglect your gums.


have you seen that movie ‘love & sex’ with jon favreau and famke janssen? it’s not very good, but it really affected me in a way that i wasn’t expecting. it’s about two people who fall in love and then, as expected, the relationship turns stagnant and implodes. i think what got to me the most is how good this movie is at capturing how happy two people can be when they’re falling in love. there’s a scene where jon favreau and famke janssen are reading in bed and she accidentally lets out a smelly fart and tries to pass it off like it wasn’t her. they laugh, she gets embarrassed, and then he says “aww, that was your first fart” and then starts tickling her. i mean, how many times has that happened to you? can’t you remember how good you felt being in that stage of a relationship? i dunno what i’m trying to say…but it was really sweet.


i feel fucking beat. it was a rough weekend full of too much (i won’t go into detail), and now my tired, old ass is paying dearly for it. back-to-back nights of partying is fun in theory but a really, really bad idea when compared to how shitty you end up feeling all day long for days and days. i’ve been coughing up blood since last night. it sucks. and to quote from a fellow partygoer who texted me the other day “the weekend has caught up with me. i feel like a crackhead today. i think i will be in hiding for a bit. perhaps rehab…time to get straight with the lord yo”. i think i’m gonna jump on that boat and spend my week mellow-ing out. my chemistry is all out of whack again so i’m feeling all melancholy today, which leads me to my next topic…

do you remember in that movie lost in translation when bill murray is karaoking “more than this”? i had forgotten what a great and sad cover that was. and now i’ve been obsessively listening to roxy music all day. i think when “prom night” happens (if it ever does), we should all slow dance to more than this…


it’s a holiday weekend, folks. and you know what that means – hotel party blow-out. that’s the room i’ll be staying in sunday night. can you guess where it is? a famous hitchock movie was once filmed here pre-renovation if that helps. i’m crossing my fingers we don’t get kicked out. but if we do, you know it’ll be one hell of a story.


i think i have the blogging blues. don ‘t seem to be really interested in it as of late. but i’m pretty sure it’s got to do with my lack of a digital camera. please see my cameral obsession below…pretty, right? well it’s sold out everywhere. what the fuck.


the new star trek movie rules! and i don’t even like sci fi. but i also find the young spock ridiculously hot….so take my opinion with a grain of salt.


i’m stuck. i can’t think of anywhere to go on summer vacation. i mean, there are tons of places i want to go, but the timing is horrible for most places. it’s hurricane season for like a jillion months anywhere tropical and it’ll be ass hot or really rainy in most other places. i’ve got some cash to spend, damnit, but no place to go.


i’m officially moved into my new spot – spent the past three days unpacking and getting things sorted. so i’ve been here for less than a week, and i’ve never spent so much time surrounded by dudes. i recently found out that the shotwell pad is nicknamed “dude street” and it’s very clear to me now how it got that name. i think at one point there were ten dudes in our tiny place and only me and one other girl. now that’s a lot of dudes.


so remember when i was having all those allergies way back when? well, they got worse – much worse. it got to the point where i wasn’t able to breathe at all through my nose while indoors. i was so fucking miserable all the time. the weird thing was that i felt fine outdoors. so this led me to reason that i had a dust mite allergy. i tried bendryl severe allergy, zyrtec, claritin, stinging nettles – none of it worked at all. so finally i broke down this past weekend and went to the doctor. he prescribed me flonase and it seriously changed my life in one day. i’m still stuffy here and there, but i no longer have to blow my nose literally every minute. and i am no longer a mouth breather (which was the unfortunate side effect of being clogged up 24/7. gross.). thank god.


the price of pychics these days is outrageous! i wanted to get my tarot cards read since i’m feeling like my life is a bit out of control these days and the hourly rate is $100! wtf? what happened to the $20 tarot card read? since 100 bones is too steep for my blood, i think i’m going to try out the monday night $10 readings at the psychic center on valencia. bargain basement psychic readings. greaaaat.


i’m moving back to the mission this month. i’m kinda excited, kinda freaked out. i’m moving to a larger room but a much smaller apartment, so a lot of my shit’s gonna go into storage. bummer. the one really good thing about the place is that there’s a huge rooftop! since it’s so sunny these days i’ve been daydreaming about all the rooftop bbqs that are gonna take place in my new pad. and i’m also thinking movie nights…


one year ago today something really, really great happened to me. i’m going away on thursday in celebration of it, so i’ll post pics up lates.


so i was looking back over my new year’s resolutions and it seems that i’m a big stinkin’ failure. i’m totally still smoking, i eat out practically every night, i’ve only played scrabs once, and i’m kinda still a shitty daughter. however, i’m doing pretty good on the late nights, adventures, and trips. but that’s all the fun stuff, so really no sweat at all.

damn change!!


hey look, someone i don’t know wrote something nice about me and jesse on their blog. well, mostly it’s nice things about jesse, but i’m mentioned. that’s a first for me, so i thought i’d revel in it. and how should i feel that there’s a picture of me on there…creeped out or not creeped out?


anyhow, dude from brooklyn, if you ever come visit this site, thanks for the shoutout. it kinda made my day, but also weirded me out some too. i’m not gonna lie.

oh, and i’m really digging that new-ish dan auerbach song “when the night comes”. it’s melancholy and perfect for gray days. go look it up and then go hug someone you love.


i’ve got post-trip depression. i’ve also got a rash.

so i went to urgent care today to get this rash checked out and had time to kill beforehand to meet up with a friend for coffee. she told me that she’d been seeing a new guy for three weeks, that he was “the one” and that they were already discussing their future together as mr. and mrs. part of me wants to hope for the best and think that this kind of thing is really possible, but the cynical part of me is worried. can you really know if someone is perfect for you in such a short amount of time?

you know what? fuck it – yeah, i’m gonna say it’s possible.


i’m leaving for kauai tomorrow, bitches!!! all i can think about is lying on the sand and drinking various blended alcoholic beverages. it’s rainy and gloomy here in sf, and i’m getting damn sick of it. a little sun and fun is in order.

for sure.


chris brown and rihanna. temper, temper.


i went to bed this morning at 5 and then got up to go to work 3 hours later. i wasn’t all high or anything or even wasted for that matter. just spent the wee hours making really nice conversation. i’m fucking exhausted. and now i feel all down in the dumps. i’m pretty sure that being really, really tired is directly correlated to depression. i always get melancholy and totally irrational when i’m lacking sleep. so instead of going out tonite and getting even less sleep and subsequently becoming more bummed out about stupid things from the past, i plan on curling up in my pjs on my heated sheets and watching a rom com. lights out by 10:30.


so i was feeling all emo about my earlier thoughts on the fireman who’s gonna die… but then i saw this headline and it made me laugh, so i thought i’d share:

so apparently there was a fire out in portola early this a.m. and some firefighters got injured, one of them critically. even before i heard about this i knew something was up because i work at general and saw all the firemen gathered around the icu. the fire chief was there and so was a priest, so i knew something pretty bad had happened.

i wonder how the guy is doing? and i wonder what kind of people i’ll see gathered around the icu tomorrow…everyday is different by the icu.


i saw matt & kim play at du nord last night. first of all, the show was all ages – and by all ages i mean that everyone was 17. now that i’m 30, i’ve decided that i hate everyone under 21. and even 21 year olds can suck it. so the point of my rant is that i feel old and i hate young kids. matt & kim were whatever, but they’re just a party band anyway.


is anyone else itching and sneezing like a mo-fo lately? i have allergies and they’re WORKING me. someone told me stinging nettles might help, so i’ll go pick some of those up today


i found really cheap tickets to spain! barcelona to be exact. the only problem is that i have to buy them by tomorrow and travel at the end of march. i want to go so badly, but i have a feeling that everything in spain will be super expensive, so in the end i’m not really getting a deal. the u.s. dollar can’t buy so much these days, you know? and i’m also going to kauai at the end of feb, so i’d be taking hella time off that i don’t really have. decisions, decisions. i would totally just say fuck it and go, but a girl’s got responsibilities…


i wonder how many people pee in their showers regularly? i always thought this was really gross, but then the other day i was forced to do it because my toilet wasn’t fully functional. i mean i would do it again in a pinch, but it’s just not my thing.


i’m thinking i need a drink really bad – like right now. or at least a cigarette. you know when you feel pushed over the edge by your job? yeah, i kinda feel that way right now.

Update 4:07pm: had a cookie instead. feeling a tad better, but still pissy.


so yesterday i watched a trailer for a movie called “donkey punch” that’s coming out soon. if you don’t know what a donkey punch is, it’s the sexual act of punching a girl really hard in the back of the head right before coming…. ok, all clear? so this movie is about a bunch of brits partying on a yacht and i guess some guy donkey punches a girl and accidentally kills her. so basically it’s the donkey punch that goes deadly wrong. and of course, panic ensues and there’s some sort of mutiny aboard. i’m sorry, who the fuck greenlighted this movie???


i’ve been having some roommate issues lately. and by “issues” i mean that i’m about to murder someone. i just got a new roommate who is a complete tool and was apparently mistaken as mildly retarded by my landlords. he’s super inconsiderate, clueless about roommate dynamics, loud, fugly, and a pretty shitty human being. generally, i can usually say that i like someone as a person, but not as a roommate. with him, i can honestly say that i find him foul. and i’m always feeling pissy being at home these days. now, i may have a slanted view because i fucking loathe him, but it seems that all who meet him think he’s “off”. and to prove it’s not just me, my other roommate hates him too. even our landlords have expressed their dislike of him. um, so how can i legally evict this asshole? thinking…thinking…


i’m going to kauai in a month, and i’m so excited!! we’re staying here. we’ve got our flight, our rental car, and our condo, so now i just have to patiently wait till the end of february. i’m planning on drinking a lot of mai tais and doing a lot of nothing. and if i’m lucky, i’ll get into a lot of trouble.


2 Responses to “stuff i’m thinking about”

  1. 1 jp May 18, 2009 at 5:56 pm

    I love this page. This is the best oart of your blog.

  2. 2 jp May 18, 2009 at 5:57 pm

    I mean, best “part”. Or maybe I meant “oart”.. i dunno.

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